Our Accomplishments

District 7230 Gift of Life, Inc. is very proud to have helped so many children. The brief story below is only one of many, but is typical of all the children who come through the Gift of Life program.

At 4 years old, Wilder was barely able to walk across the room, for lack of oxygen. He arrived here in February of 1997, and underwent an operation to correct his heart problems.

One week after the surgery he wanted to learn how to ride a bike, play basketball and soccer.

His mother, Maria Teresa, writes quite often to tell of his progress, “Wilder goes to middle school and is well, he excels in both, basketball and soccer”, Maria Teresa constantly repeats her gratitude for the great miracle that was given to them.


Wilder: Age 4 (February 1997)
Wilder at age 4

Pictures are certainly worth a thousand words, so please take a few moments to view a few of the beautiful children who have come to Rotary 7230’s Gift of Life program.

Contributing to the success of the Program has been the “open-door policy” and the “Welcome Mat” which has been laid out for these children and their parents and/or guardians who have been hosted by Rotarians, their families and friends. Then, too, the American hospitals and medical profession have graciously and generously given of their time and services to provide these little children with another “Lease on Life” through the miracle of open-heart surgery…thereby helping these children, who will be our future leaders, become our Ambassadors of Goodwill and Peace!

For further information on the Rotary Gift of Life Inc. and how you can be part of it, e-mail us at: billpcurrie@optonline.net or call: (914) 769-0469.

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