First of 3 children from Kosovo has completed life saving surgery

erdaThe following update was provided today by Bill Currie, Chairman of Rotary District 7230 Gift of Life, Inc.

“This morning just after 5 AM, Rich Sullivan picked up Erda, her mother Mynevere, Rosa from the host family, and Supressa who was our interpreter.  I met them before 6AM at the hospital.  Shortly after 7 AM, Erda went into the surgical area to get ready, I know she had no idea what was coming and that was a good thing.

Just at Noon, Dr. Sett, the cardiothoracic surgeon, sent word that Erda was off the heart bypass machine and was doing well.  Surgery ended around 1:30 PM and Dr. Sett came out and met with all of us.  He told us the size of the hole in Erda’s heart was 18mm wide and that it was successfully repaired.  Erda did not awaken until a little after 5 PM
tonight and was in a remarkable good frame of mind considering what she had been through. I left the hospital about 6:30PM tonight feeling good about the entire experience.

Tonight, Mynevere will stay in her room in the pediatric ICU to be close to her.  The team at Maria Fareri do not expect any complications and, if all goes well, she will probably be leaving the hospital and go back to the host family by Monday.  Erda is in the PICU and is NOT in any form of isolation but if you decide to visit, please keep your visit
short.  This is one beautiful hospital and the staff of RN’s and other professionals are wonderful caring people.

I want to say a word or two about what a beautiful experience we all had today.  We had fun, shared stories, laughed a lot and cried a little as we stood with Erda’s mother and saw her through the long wait.  Special thanks to Rich Sullivan for his ability to connect with these families and make them feel that he is not just a nice man but he is
really the loving and caring ‘grandpa’ they left back home.  I also want to say what a privilege to be with Rosa and her family.  As I left tonight, five members of her family were there to support Mynevere and to lift her spirits.  There were many smiles and warm feelings shared in that room – what an honor for me to be a small part of it.

Thank you Gift of Life for giving me this opportunity to help this child and to work with such beautiful people, it is the best Christmas gift I could ever hope for.”

Yours in Rotary,

Bill C.

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